Personal Blogpost: 30 Before 30 Bucket List

I haven’t done anything like this personal on my website before, but I’ve read that if your bucket list public or on display you are more likely to achieve your goals. I sat down recently to write down my New Year’s resolutions, but I ended up creating a 30 Before 30 Bucket List. Seeing that I have just over a year and half to accomplish these things, I tried to keep them relatively attainable both budget wise and timeline wise. I’m pairing them with personal pictures from our east coast road trip because, ya know, I’m a photographer.

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Lyle & Allie Weko Dunes Maternity

This week is a sad week because these two gorgeous people and their sweet baby Gabe are moving to Florida. I'm so sad about southwest Michigan losing two wonderful people, but I'm so excited for their new life in Florida near family. In honor of their departure, I'm finally blogging their maternity session.

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Ken & Jenna's Fall Maternity Session

I can honestly say I've never photographed a couple that was so in sync with each other and their facial expressions. It's like they knew exactly when to have a smile and a serious face and they would BOTH do it! Without me even saying anything! Impressive! #thingsthatimpressphotographers

 I really enjoyed this maternity session as it was my first time photographing at the new Stonegate Manor venue!

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Gingertown Flower Crowns

Dear family, friends and fans, 

I'm so pleased to tell you about my latest endeavor. I've been practicing making flower crowns for several months now. It's been a fun, creative outlet during the winter months. The entrepreneur in me can't help but want to sell them. :) 

Check out to purchase one!

Lots of love,