Personal Blogpost: 30 Before 30 Bucket List

I haven’t done anything like this personal on my website before, but I’ve read that if your bucket list public or on display you are more likely to achieve your goals. I sat down recently to write down my New Year’s resolutions, but I ended up creating a 30 Before 30 Bucket List. Seeing that I have just over a year and half to accomplish these things, I tried to keep them relatively attainable both budget wise and timeline wise. I’m pairing them with personal pictures from our east coast road trip because, ya know, I’m a photographer.

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Remy + Katelin Weko Beach Wedding

What happens when a Frenchman and a SW Michigan native meet and fall in love? Keep scrolling to find out! Also, Weko Beach Weddings are ALWAYS my favorite. Can’t beat working three minutes from home!

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Jonny & Elisabeth Warren Dunes Promotional Video Shoot

I’ve been watching photographer promo videos on Youtube for over a year now. I got tired of just watching and I sent an email off to an old friend. Josh Spear gladly accepted my request to create my own promotional video. After a vision meeting, we came up with a great plan. The August night of the shoot final arrived and it was windy, overcast and there was a chill in the air.

To be honest, I was disappointed that I wouldn’t get that sunny glory I always dream of for photos. But we couldn’t really reschedule at that point. We started at Greenbush and the clouds continued. We headed to the dunes next. We hiked the backside of the dune and the very second we got to the peak THE SUN CAME TO GREET US! Josh and I looked at each other and both BEAMED. It was every visual artist’s dream. That warm glow stayed and the night finished with a soft, pastel pink sunset. To say it was a dream would be an understatement.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Josh for helping me fulfill a dream of mine.

To watch my very own Gingertown Photography video click HERE!

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Beauty + The Greenhouse

Spur of the moment photoshoot to try out our new 1950's dress from Everybody's Everything.

Gingertown Flower Crowns

Dear family, friends and fans, 

I'm so pleased to tell you about my latest endeavor. I've been practicing making flower crowns for several months now. It's been a fun, creative outlet during the winter months. The entrepreneur in me can't help but want to sell them. :) 

Check out to purchase one!

Lots of love,


MAK Salon and Spa

I was honored to work with MAK Salon and Spa and photograph their gorgeous hair and makeup abilities. Check out their work! And mine. :)

Special thanks to Elin and Tyraah for modeling!

Flower Crowns in the Barboursville Ruins

This Thomas Jefferson designed home burnt to it bones on Christmas Day 1884 when their Christmas tree caught on fire. Somber story for Christmas Eve. But makes me thankful for my home that still stands.

I've been coming to Virginia nearly every year for all my life, but I've never been here. It was the perfect location for our flower crown shoot. 

Lake Michigan Mermaid

I still can't believe I got to do this shoot!