Personal Blogpost: 30 Before 30 Bucket List

I haven’t done anything like this personal on my website before, but I’ve read that if your bucket list public or on display you are more likely to achieve your goals. I sat down recently to write down my New Year’s resolutions, but I ended up creating a 30 Before 30 Bucket list. Seeing that I have just over a year and half to accomplish these things, I tried to keep them relatively attainable both budget wise and timeline wise. I’m pairing them with personal pictures from our east coast road trip because, ya know, I’m a photographer.

  1. Visit Hawaii

    Okay, putting one of the biggest ones first. I’ve been dying to get to Hawaii since I started following way too many amazing Instagramers showing off Hawaii in all her beauty. Also, it’s one of the six states I have left to visit. Plus, Southwest Airlines is supposedly opening flights up to the islands and we have points to use!


2. Go 30 Days Without Refined Sugar

This is something that I should have tried long ago… and continued to do. I know it’s so bad for me, but I have such a sweet tooth and NO self control for it. What benefits did you experience going off sugar?


3. Visit the Willis Tower Skydeck

Okay, the Sear's Tower, because how can you just change the name of something iconic like that??? Haha. But seriously I’ve been to Chicago 100’s of times and have never been in the Willis Tower. So passed time to change that!


4. Take Composite Photography Course

I’ve watch tons of Youtube videos on all sorts of composite photography and editing tips. But I’d really like to be able to create incredible images like Brooke Shaden. I play around with the tools in photoshop often, but I really want to learn to do it well!


5. Grow Strawberries

My husband and I are major green thumb people. We’ve had pretty significant sized gardens for several years now. I typically gravitate towards growing flowers, Preston does the veggies. I’ve wanted to grow strawberries for a few years now though, just haven’t gotten around to it. Now is the time!


6. Learn Everything About Something

This is the most vague thing on my list, but my goal would be to become an expert at something. I need to pick a topic, read all about it, watch all the documentaries, listen to the podcasts, visit sites etc. Not sure what I want it to be. Taking suggestions!!!


7. Listen to 30 Audiobooks

I used to be an audiobook phenom. I’d crank out 60 a year. Crazy right? Well I want to get back into it.


8. Become a Pro at Doing My Own Hair and Makeup

Okay, I’ve always felt like I haven’t embraced my fullest form of femininity because I’m AWFUL at doing my hair. My curly mop-head just is hard to manage… and honestly I’m just lazy. I want to learn how to blow dry it correctly, braid it, curl it cute etc. And makeup… don’t even get me started.


9. Find a Fun, interactive Way for Fiver to Earn Passive Income

Okay, my financial nerdiness is coming out in this one. I want Fiver to have a tangible way for her to learn about making money from a young age. I’m thinking like a gumball machine or vending machine…. or something else if anyone has suggestions!


10. Also, fun extra income for us

We’ve done Airbnb before and had a blast with that. But having a kid in the house put an end to that. I know there’s other ways like Turo. Just need to find something!


11. Print More Photos

You’d be shocked if you saw how few photos I have printed in my house! I want to have shoe boxes in every closet with pictures. Nothing quite like holding those prints in your hands! Especially in 30 years so our kids can make fun of our outfits. Hah!


12. Have a 30 Piece Wardrobe

I’ve dreamed of a minimalist wardrobe since reading Marie Kondo’s books. I probably only wear that many pieces of my closet anyways!


13. Read a book a month

Actually read… not audiobook!


14. Go Camping

I haven’t been camping since being married. My husband is a hotel kinda guy. I can’t argue with having running hot water though!. But I did always enjoy waking up to crisp air, sitting around campfires and star gazing.


15. Host an Outdoor Dinner Party

I’m talking like Pinterest perfect dinner party. Candles, greenery, outdoor lights, and obviously lots of wine.


16. Travel Alone

I added this because it seemed like every bucket list had it on there. There must be something really special about it! I’ll give it a try!


17. Sew Something for Fiver

I’ve sewn before, but nothing for Fiver. I buy all these adorable handmade goodies from Instagram shops and my mom always tells me that I could be sewing them myself! We’ll see if I actually can. :)


18. Aerial Yoga Class

Because this would just be fun! There’s a place nearby that offers it. I really can’t wait to try!


19. Open Closed Chakras

The last time I had my chakras checked I had two closed chakras. I would really like to work on these areas of my life and have all of them OPEN!


20. Fly Kites

Also, just sounds like fun. Would love to do this for an engagement session! Email me if you want it to be you!


21. No TV for 30 Days

I figured this would push me to accomplish some of these goals in my down time instead of watching TV!


22. Swing Dance Class

I mostly just want to get thrown around in a cute dress. :)


23. Journal Everyday For 30 Days

I’ve journaled regularly off and on throughout my life. Hoping 30 days of it will make it a habit again.


24. Audition/Try Out for Something

Reality TV would be ideal. Haha! But I could go smaller. :)


25. Hot Air Balloon Ride

I did this as a kids, but hardly remember it. Time to revisit the adventure! Also, I’m not sure if the ride itself is as appealing as taking pictures gorgeous colorful flying things at sunrise.


26. Nude Photography Project

Tasteful obviously with everything important creatively covered with tree branches or something. People do some really creative things with this and I’d love to give it a try.


27. Finally Freaking Learn to Not Leave Clothes on the Floor

Because I don’t want to be a 30 something year old with this horrible habit.


28. Watch IMDB’s top 30 Movies

Probably just the ones I haven’t already seen. Ain’t nobody got time for 30 movies. It takes me like 4 days of Fiver’s naps to get through 1 movie. Haha!


29. Visit the Grand Canyon

A must I hear from EVERY WORLD TRAVELER! We’ve almost gone a handful of times, but have ended up choosing other vacations.


30. Create my 40 before 40 List

I can’t finish a list and not have my next goals waiting for me! I’ll have ten years to do the next items, so I will definitely attempt some loftier goals!